The Personal Touch...


Enjoy a personal service in our lovely relaxing Duffield Boutique. 

Your first appointment will be a 2-hour private slot with a one to one service from our expert stylists where we love to learn as much as possible about your big day in order to help us help you find your perfect dress. 


After your initial consultation you are more than welcome to pop back in to see us for a follow up appointment if you can't quite make your decision there and then, follow up appointments will be 1-hour long. 


Whilst you’re with us enjoy refreshments for you and your bridal party, sadly as we are not licensed we don't provide Prosecco, but you are more than welcome to bring a bottle to celebrate that we will gladly serve for you. 


We also offer a variety of veils and accessories including belts and veils, even if you didnt get your dress from us your more than welcome to come and see our fab selection- please book a 1-hour accessory appointment. 


Top Tips



You will need at least six to eight months to get your gown in store (some designers even longer)

and that’s if you're a decisive person.

leave it too late and you are limiting the selection that is available to you.

On the other side you don’t want to shop for your gown too early, don’t start shopping with more than 12 months in advance, unless you are ready to buy.  You may be tempted to go to a bridal shop 'just to get an idea' but you are risking falling in love with a dress that may not be around by the time you are ready to commit to buying. We also find that having your dress does shape the rest of your wedding so once you've decided it might help other bits and bobs fall into place. 




Think about your venue, is it a castle, stately home, chic hotel, stylish tipi or a stunning beach?  your venue will often play a part in your style of dress.  Bring pictures, show us your Pinterest boards - it helps us to visualise what you are thinking, on the other hand allow us to guide you, we may pull out a style that 'in your head' is not your style but very often when you put it on you look fantastic and know its 'the one'  

A top bridal consultant from New York states that 'brides usually try on between 4 and 7 gowns.




Most brides have one but not everyone likes to be asked about it.  

Please don’t be afraid to tell us, the last thing we want to do is to put you in a dress that you fall in love with and it be over your budget.

Sometimes dresses are discontinued by the designers or we sell off our sample dresses, these can sometimes be a fantastic opportunity to bag yourself a bargain, the sample sales are continuously changing and won't show on the website so please ask in store for current samples in our sale.




The simple answer to this question is.... Bring who's opinion matters to you the most!

Whether this be your mum, dad, grandmother, best friend even your fiancé (yes some ladies do this and that’s ok) what matters the most is when you're stood in that dress wanting that very important opinion, who will you turn to? the answer to that question is who you should bring along with you.

It’s fine to bring along as many people as you like to Ivory White but remember, a lot of people = a lot of different opinions, you have to tune into the one that matters the most!


5.    SAYING 'YES'

Sometimes brides feel scared saying 'yes' to their gown.  You don’t necessarily need to try on 100's of dresses to find the 'one'.

The question you have to ask yourself is 1. Do you love it? 2. Is it in budget? if the answer to both is YES then go for it!  As one famous bridal celebrity once said 'when you met your fiancé did you say I’d better try a few more before I say yes to you!  When you know you know.



We honestly don’t mind if you want to cancel or change your appointment, or if you find your dream gown at another store, what we kindly ask is that you let us know.  Ivory White is an appointment only store and we open up especially for you and your exclusivity.  Please call or message 07935 221444 as soon as you know about needing to cancel or alter, allowing us to book someone else in or us not going down to the shop to open up.



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